Worker Safety on World Health Day 2018

Tomorrow marks a highly significant day, not only in the UK but across the globe. World Health Day 2018 falling on the 7th April each year, aims to spread awareness of the vast number of people suffering with their health that are unable to seek help. The national day also pinpoints the importance of healthcare and aims to ensure everyone in the world can access it without any financial hardship.

With the topic of health being at the forefront of national conversation, it’s important that we assess the times where an individual’s health could be at risk and ways in which this can be prevented.

 Worker Safety – A Different Angle

Employees spend on average 40 hours of their week at work. It’s crucial that staff safety is taken into consideration for every minute they’re at work. Any form of injury or ill health caused by an employee’s working environment could lead to damaging consequences.

Each job role comes with different levels of risk – some more serious than others. Employees that carry out manual work on a daily basis are exposed to risks associated with physical injury. Unsurprisingly, the construction industry tops the list of workplace injuries year on year. Figures revealed that between 2016-17 there were 64,000 non-fatal reported injuries among construction workers. Of this figure, 24% were caused by falls from height and 21% were caused by manual handling.

Equally important is mental health. Latest HSE figures have revealed that work-related stress accounted to 12.5 million lost working days between 2016-17. Stories in the press have also raised this issue within recent weeks. An article by the Daily Mirror unveiled the shocking truth about the mistreatment of staff within the education sector.

Testimonials given by teachers and support staff have revealed instances of violence and abuse from students. A high percentage of staff said these issues cause them to suffer with anxiety and work-related stress. Alongside teachers, other public facing employees who often deal with vulnerable individuals also face the same issues.

It’s evident that there are risks associated with every job. Even if the risks appear small, they shouldn’t ever be ignored.

When Working Alone

Working alone is perfectly legal and in fact critical for many operations, Working alone is faced by most employees at some point during their career. Lone working does come at a greater risk if problems do arise. These can not only be more dangerous if faced alone but getting help can also be more challenging.

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