Why is BS 8484:2016 Important?

To understand the importance of BS 8484:2016, we must first learn what it is.

BS 8484 is the British standard for the provision of lone worker safety device services. Introduced by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in 2009, it acts as a code of practice for organisations who provide lone worker safety services.

There are four parts to the BS 8484 standard that the lone worker service providers should adhere to. They are;

Part 4

The company should be competent at offering lone worker services. They should be financially capable, with security screened staff. They must have policies and procedures in place, including secure data protection.

Part 5

This part looks at the capability and functionality of the safety devices offered by the company. The device is required to be fit for purpose. It must be able to provide accurate locations and be effective in communicating. It must allow the users the ability to activate the device discreetly.

Part 6

Companies that offer lone worker solutions must have access to an accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). It should be capable of verifying each lone worker alarm as genuine. This helps to minimise the number of false alarms received by the Police. The ARC should also be certified to BS 5979 Cat II or BS EN 50518, which are applicable standards for monitoring centres.

Part 7

Organisations that use a security industry response provider should be certified against BS 7984.


The latest revision of the standard provides greater transparency in reporting and tighter key performance indicators (KPIs) in improved response times. It also takes into account the latest innovations in lone worker safety such as Smartphone apps. A lone worker service provider will be required to pass a rigorous audit in order to be accredited to BS 8484:2016.

At Guardian24, our service is fully accredited to the latest standard of BS 8484:2016. Our lone worker alarms like the MicroGuard and Smartphone App adheres to part 5 of the standard. Thus, they are capable of providing effective protection to lone workers in an emergency. Being accredited to BS 8484:2016 also provides our customers with a number of benefits, including:

1. Peace of mind: Employers can have peace of mind knowing the that their lone working employees are protected by a reputable and certified supplier.

2. Staff safety: As devices and apps are also vetted against the standard, staff safety can be improved as they can effectively raise an alarm if they’re in trouble.

3. Duty of Care: Organisations that protect their employees via the services of a BS 8484:2016 accredited lone worker services provider, will help meet the duty of care requirements for their employees.

4. Level 1 response: BS 8484:2016 accreditation also gives our Controllers direct access to police control rooms via URNs. In an emergency, users could receive a much faster Level 1 response bypassing the 999 service for a faster resolution.

Interested to find out more about BS 8484:2016? Find out how we can help ensure the safety of your lone working employees. Simply contact our sales team on 0207 118 8247 or sales@guardian24.co.uk

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