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The Leaders in Lone Worker Safety

Our customers are safe in the knowledge that Guardian24 services keep their Lone Worker support at the cutting edge of technology and HSE compliance.

Guardian24 has become the recognised market leader within the lone working field through a unique combination of capabilities and services:

Guardian24’s Experience and Ability to Deliver

Serving customers for over ten years, Guardian24 has earned the reputation as the market leading specialist in lone worker personal security. Our approach of providing expert consultancy services around tailored solutions is extremely effective and results in a satisfied and loyal customer base.

Continuing Innovation

A relentless commitment to quality, reliability and customer service. A history of being ‘first to market’. We led the movement to specific Android and BlackBerry lone worker solutions over 6 months ahead of the market. The Guardian24 service was conceived, designed and developed in-house, by our technical team which constantly strive to evolve the service as new enabling technologies emerge and the needs of customers change. The service is widely considered to be the most flexible and responsive with respect to new technological advancements.

Guardian24’s Online Management Portal

Guardian24’s bespoke lone worker reporting tool gives independence and clear visibility to report on usage, add and delete lone workers, change protocols, access maps and location information, retrieve lone worker incidents and manage your account, all presented in real time. We will give you on-going support throughout your contract but with the Guardian24 web based Management Portal you will also have the freedom to manage your own lone worker procedures and protocols.

Highly Decorated Service

Guardian24 are proud to have received more industry awards in the UK than anyone else, which is testament to the excellent service levels we provide our clients. This is backed-up by the fact that we are certified to the highest possible industry standards.

Simple and Flexible Contracts

We are open and clear about what we will deliver and will tailor the contract to suit your particular needs. The result is that we have the highest rate of lone worker safety service contract renewal in our marketplace – simply because our customers want to continue working with us.

Guardian24’s Unique Usage Management Program

A lone worker solution is only effective if it is used. We have implemented a Usage Management Program which highlights frequent users within your organisation, monitors usage and ensures usage is at a satisfactory level agreed by you. Contact us today to find out more information on how to encourage usage within your organisation.

Training and Consultancy Support

We strongly believe we have a responsibility to guide Lone Workers and Employers through the whole process of Lone Worker Safety.  We offer a full range of comprehensive support services and training such as; Lone Working Awareness, Manager’s training and train the Trainer.

Beyond Lone Working

We are the only lone worker solutions supplier currently delivering Lone Working Solutions which are integrated as part of Mobile Working initiatives. We can integrate seamlessly with your existing mobile applications supporting the safety of your lone working and mobile staff. At present Guardian24 can easily integrate with Workflow Management, Paper Solutions, Mobile Learning, Diary and National Risk Management Databases to name a few.