What Are The UK’s Most Dangerous Industries?

Shocking statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive reveals the UK’s most dangerous industries.

The HSE have recently released new statistics on the number of fatalities that have happened in UK workplaces. Between 2017/18 it was reported that most fatalities were caused by falling from a height. The industry to experience the most workplace fatalities in that year was construction.

Below are the complete fatal injury statistics for the year 2017/18:

These statistics show the importance of adequately protecting workers. Before any work commences, a proper and thorough risk assessment should be completed. This should then be used to put in place safety measures.

Lone workers can be more at risk of a serious injury as they do not always have the support of a colleague close by. Give them piece of mind by providing them with a personal safety alarm. This will ensure that if they have an accident, help can be summoned at the push of a button.

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