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Employees within the transport industry frequently face the risk of assault or abuse. From delivery drivers on the road to public transport workers such as ticket inspectors and bus drivers – they’re all vulnerable, especially as many work in isolation often in unsociable hours. Protect your workforce with Guardian24’s safety alarms and mobile applications.

The nature of risk faced by these employees can range from verbal abuse, armed robbery, racial threats, physical abuse, threat by knives and firearm, aggression and kidnaps. These means of attack can occur for various reasons.

Public Transport

Yellow Bus

In the public transport sector there is a strong link between anti-social behaviour and staff assaults. Offences against staff arise from a minor issues such as fare dodging or dealing with irate passengers over delays. Alcohol is a major factor in staff assaults. and it is found that risk can increase when working late or early morning shifts.

Statistics Show:

  • The Office of Rail and Road reports that in 2016-17, there was 10,422 incidents that resulted in injury to staff on the UK’s rail network – 164 being classified as ‘Major Injury Sustained’.

  • Overall the majority of London Underground reported that 45 per cent of work-related violence remain related to fare evasion, in particular not having a ticket for travel.

  • Alcohol is a contributory factor in 28 per cent of incidents.

  • Irish Rail recorded over 1,000 anti-social behaviour incidents in 18 months – up 43% in a one-year period.

  • A major bus operator in Ireland reported a rise in incidents with physical assaults on staff doubled in 12 months. Three bus services were taken out of operation due to repeated attacks.

Haulage and Logistics

Red and Grey HGV Lorry

The law requires lorry drivers to rest at times. However, they should be able to park up without the fear of being a victim of crime. Thieves use knives to gain access to the goods and puts driver’s lives at risk. Assaults and threats are also made regularly. For many years, priority has been to protect the vehicle via measures such as tracking systems. However, these solutions don’t cover the driver’s safety, especially as they are at risk when away from the vehicle.

Statistics Show:

  • A survey of over 2,000 drivers by the International Road Transport Union showed that 476 had been attacked during the past 5 years. 30% of the victims had been attacked more than once.

  • Road freight crime is a common problem across Europe and costs the UK economy up to £250million every year.

  • Thefts, attempted thefts, and thefts from vehicles are consistently more likely to take place in the evening or at night.  78% of vehicle theft in the UK takes place at night, compared to only 22% during the day.

  • In just one year, over 1,600 trucks were stolen in the UK and half were never recovered.

First Glasgow Logo“Guardian24 has a history of being the ‘first to market’ and they have led the movement to specific Smartphone solutions, over 6 months ahead of competitors. With Guardian24 via Smartphone our staff can utilise existing equipment, which we have already invested in and staff are familiar with, thus reducing costs, but still retaining a high quality of service.”

Alan Pert: First Glasgow

Guardian24 lone worker application on smartphoneGuardian24’s Safety Alarms and Apps – Proven in Use

Protect your transport employees with Guardian24, the UK’s leading lone worker safety solution

Having a technological lone worker solution enables lone workers to log their daily tasks and get GPS location fixes.

Should the user’s safety be compromised they can quickly and discreetly summon help with the press of a panic button on their chosen device.

At this stage the service will record live audio collecting information that can be used in evidence if necessary. A nominated respondent will be notified immediately and the emergency response system has direct links to the police.

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