SPOT Gen3 Satellite Device

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Guardian24 can provide your lone workers with a means to raise the alarm, even in areas with no mobile phone signal.

The award winning SPOT Gen3 personal safety device uses satellite technology to transmit SOS alarms to Guardian24’s Alarm Receiving Centre, at the touch of a button. Our controllers can pinpoint the user’s GPS location and follow their personalised escalation procedures.

As the device is not relying on mobile phone technology, it is able to transmit its location from almost anywhere; even in areas of poor or no mobile network coverage. This capability makes SPOT the ideal solution for lone workers who frequently visit areas with mobile network ‘black spots’.

Features Include

  • One button alarm activation in emergency situations
  • GPS tracking; the SPOT Gen3 works via satellite technology - no need for phone reception
  • Rapid response by either our fully accredited Alarm Receiving Centre or dedicated emergency contacts of your choice
  • Pressing the SOS button sends emergency messages within 90 seconds, then automatically every 5 minutes
  • SPOT's rugged design is IPX7 rated and waterproof to a depth of one metre
  • The SPOT Gen3 can be carried as a back-up to a GSM based device or mobile phone
  • Build-in movement sensor - tracking is motion activated
  • Vibration Sensor informs the user's SPOT device that they are on the move and to send tracking updates. When the user stops, the device ceases tracking, preserving battery life
  • Extended battery life - Up to 18 months in standby mode
3.43" x 2.56"
160 grams
Battery Life
14 days (1 position every 10 minutes). 18 months in standby mode
Battery Type
4 AAA lithium or rechargeable batteries
Mini USB Connection
For line and power updates
Additional Features
Movement Sensor, IPX7 rated, waterproof