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Charities across the UK and Ireland stand for and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

They regularly rely on volunteer staff who often work alone. Lone working can include:

Whilst working with people in the community is why many people enjoy Charity work it can also lead to facing high risk situations if a good lone worker policy is not put in place.

Macmillan Cancer Support Logo“Buddy schemes aren’t as reliable as we’d like and we needed something more robust in place to cover our Duty of Care as an organisation and to allow our paid staff to do their main job without worrying about the well-being of volunteers in the community.”

Chris Badman: Macmillan Cancer Support

Guardian24 Can Protect Your Lone Workers

The Benefits of using a Lone Worker Alarm Solution for Charities:

  • Staff and volunteers have a high level of personal safety when working in the community

  • The reliability of the service makes it easier for the volunteer teams to carry out their work with confidence

  • Incentive to recruit volunteers as they treated in a professional way assured of being valued and looked after

  • The organisation is fulfilling its legislative duty of care for lone workers

  • Paid staff can do their main job without having to worry about the well-being of volunteers in the community

Donation Centre Workers Helping the Vulnerable

Guardian24 Charity Case Studies

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