Shocking Workplace Statistics

Infographic - Shocking Workplace Statistics - Complete

Most people are aware of the fact that workplace incidents occur every day. Nonetheless, it’s often when they see the raw figures that they start to put it into real life perspective.

Understanding the realities of workplace health and safety is hugely important. It can help to pinpoint weaker areas within your organisations procedures in order to identify exactly what can be improved for a safer environment.

Below is a compilation of some of the most shocking health and safety statistics,  taken from recent reports by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE, 2018).

Crucial Protection

With these figures in mind, it’s crucial that staff are protected to the highest standards. With the advancement of technology in recent years, employees are now able to have their safety monitored in order to minimise the chances of an incident from occurring.

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The solution may not always prevent an accident from occurring however, it means lone workers have discreet, functional backup in any situation should they require it.



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