Security Flaw Found in GPS Tracking Device2019-06-17T09:36:34+01:00

A major security vulnerability has been discovered which may affect a number of UK lone worker protection providers (but not Guardian24).

The vulnerability enables a widely used GPS personal tracking device to be compromised, revealing its location and allowing hackers to eavesdrop on user’s conversations without their knowledge. Commands to reset the device and disable its main features could also be executed remotely simply by sending a text message to the product’s inbuilt SIM card.

Which devices may be affected?

The devices that may be affected (pictured) are resold by a number of companies as a GPS tracker device under various different names. The devices are typically used to protect vulnerable individuals, with many issued to lone workers. Our customers can rest assured that none of Guardian24’s devices are affected.

Users advised to switch supplier

Researchers have advised that employers supplying these devices to their workforce must make them aware of the privacy and security problems and look to switch to a secure alternative as soon as possible.

Those lone worker protection providers using third party ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions are potentially more susceptible to these types of security threats and have less control in the event of such situations. As we manufacture all of our devices and develop our own firmware, we are able to ensure security is built into our products from the ground up.

As one of the UK’s largest wholly owned end-to-end providers of lone worker protection we pride ourselves in creating bespoke and exclusive products which are trusted by over 150,000 users including the police, local authorities and the NHS to protect some of society’s most vulnerable. Our devices are also rigorously tested and certified to the highest industry standards, gaining approval by the police’s Secured by Design scheme.

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