Safeguarding Your Smartphone

Whether you use your smartphone for basic calls and texts or are an avid on-the-go app user, it’s important that you take necessary steps to keep the handset and your personal information secure.

Smartphones with their high-price makes them the perfect target for thieves.

7 Ways to Keep Your Gadgets Safe

We’ve complied 7 concerns to help keep yourself and your gadgets safe.

  1. Keep your eyes peeled. Always be aware of who and what is around you when using your phone in public and avoid being too distracted by the screen.
  2. Keep it out of reach. Inside a pocket is an easy place for thieves to reach. Ensure your phone is hidden away out of sight and secured by a zip if possible.
  3. Don’t give too much away. Not only is your smartphone at risk of being stolen but the information you share on it may also jeopardise your safety. Avoid saving sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details within apps. Remember, ‘checking-in’ on Facebook is letting everybody know you are not home.
  4. Set a safety PIN or access code. In the event of a robbery, this buys you time to block the handset whilst the thief attempts to access your information.
  5. Be wary of wireless. Connecting to remote Wi-Fi networks is beneficial as it saves on data costs. However, sending and receiving information whilst connected to these networks presents a security concern. To be safe, ensure you switch off these connections when not in use. This prevents malicious parties from connecting to your smartphone without your knowledge. Top tip; It’s worth taking a browse through your phone’s network security settings. It might be configured to automatically connect to a network when in range.
  6. Its what’s inside that counts. Thieves will often attempt to steal a phone that belongs to an organisation in the hope that it will contain otherwise protected information. Ensure you take appropriate precautions with your work mobile just as you would your personal phone.
  7. Download a personal safety app. Guardian24’s smartphone app acts as a personal alarm for lone workers and vulnerable individuals. When confronted by a perpetrator, one touch via the app will raise an alert.

Ultimately, it’s important that you can show-off and enjoy your new gadget to your heart’s content. Just remember to be wise about where and when you use it and avoid putting your sensitive information in to the wrong hands.

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