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Project Description

“Guardian24 has given our users a greater sense of safety and well-being whilst being able to carry out their essential duties.”

The Company

Women’s Aid work with women and children who are living with the effects of domestic abuse. They provide a number of services including refuge and floating support services.

The Challenge

Women’s Aid Ballymena has around 15 employees who work alone. There are significant risks presented to these staff members, particularly those working within the Floating Support service. This service requires staff to visit clients in their own homes whilst working alone.

Staff working in volatile environments are exposed to potential violence, physical and verbal abuse. The Ballymena branch needed extra support to ensure the safety of their support workers at all times.  Having reviewed some options, Women’s Aid Ballymena decided to work with Guardian24. It’s been a successful partnership having now used the personal safety service for over 7 years.


“In the past the branch used a buddy system where our support workers rang into the office with details of the address they were visiting. This system however was not ideal as there was always the risk of human error, e.g. the staff member who took the call becoming preoccupied with other areas of their work. They’d forget to ring the support worker back to enquire if they had ended their visit safely. Guardian24 has resolved this issue through their efficient automated service. Guardian24 has given our users a greater sense of safety and well-being whilst being able to carry out their essential duties.”

Gail McLaughlin, Floating Support and Community Resettlement Manager, Women's Aid

The Solution

Guardian24’s lone worker safety service can be used via a mobile phone or lone worker device. What’s more, it was quick and easy to implement. Support workers can log in and out of daily tasks, leaving details of their location and the expected duration. If their activity overruns, Guardian24 will automatically call the support worker to verify their safety. If they cannot be reached, a nominated respondent or our ARC will be notified of the overrun activity.

At this stage an agreed protocol will be followed to verify the user’s safety and location.  Should a support worker feel that their safety has been compromised they can press a dedicated button on their mobile to summon emergency assistance.

Guardian24 provides the user’s personal details, activity details and audio to the respondent receiving the escalated call. This information is invaluable if emergency services need to be notified. Using the Guardian24 service through a standard mobile phone provides Women’s Aid with a robust, easy to use personal security service for their support workers without the cost of purchasing additional devices.

The Benefits

Women’s Aid has found Guardian24 to be an invaluable service to help to protect and support their staff whilst working alone, visiting clients in the community.

Gail McLauglin, Floating Support and Community Resettlement Manager has peace of mind that staff have the extra support they need to perform their jobs efficiently and safely.

“The online access which monitors usage is very helpful to ensure our staff are complying with our Lone Worker Policy and Procedures. Using Guardian24 has also helped us provide evidence to funders that we as an organisation are using all mechanisms available to keep our workforce as safe as possible at all times.”

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