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Project Description

“The most impressive element of Guardian24’s service is the immediate communication and efficiency of their 24-hr response”

The Customer

Jet Aire Services are an efficient drainage service provider for domestic, commercial and industrial clients across Yorkshire and the North of England.

The Challenge

The drainage engineers employed by Jet Aire Services are the core of what they do.  Due to their varying clientele, the engineers are responsible for commuting to multiple locations. This includes houses, hospitals and supermarkets to provide first class drainage solutions.

The engineers travel to a variety of locations in their fleet of specialised vehicles to tackle drainage problems. With the physical nature of their roles and the exposure to hazardous equipment installed within the vehicles, engineers are potentially vulnerable to injuries such as slips, trips and falls.

Jet Air Services provide their clients with a 24-hour, service.  As a result, the engineers often work alone during late, unsociable hours. If they were to injure themselves, fall ill or find themselves in an emergency during this time, it could be extremely challenging for them to seek help. The organisation take duty of care as an employer very seriously. Therefore, they decided to invest in a device that would aid the safety of its employees.


“We needed to implement a means of control to ensure our lone workers were closely monitored for their personal health, safety and well-being. After thoroughly looking at Guardian24’s service we found they could offer us this.”

Grant Bell , Compliance Manager at Jet Aire Services

The Solution

After assessing the risks that their lone workers face, the organisation decided to equip their lone working staff with Guardian24’s MicroGuard devices.

With its innovative technology, Guardian24’s service provides employees with fast, effective and reliable protection whilst working alone. With just a simple press of the MicroGuard’s SOS button, an alarm is triggered and received by Guardian24’s very own 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre. Here, Controllers are able to listen in with the devices two-way audio feature. If it’s deemed necessary, they’ll immediately send emergency help to the user’s location. With BS 8484:2016 accreditation in place, Guardian24 are able to bypass the 999 service, ensuring quicker response times in an emergency.

The firm decided to opt for the MicroGuard devices with Mandown enabled. This means that if an employee was to fall or collapse, an alarm would be automatically triggered by sudden impact.

Grant added, “Guardian24’s service stuck out to us as a market leader in terms of what they offer. We were drawn to the devices GPS tracking, automatic Mandown fall detection, and the ability to create reports on the user-friendly Customer Service Centre portal. The Guardian24 team were also great at training our staff at using the devices.”

The Benefits

As one of Guardian24’s customers, drainage engineers at Jet Aire services can go about their daily tasks with reassurance and confidence that they have backup and support in an emergency.

The MicroGuard device is designed to allow for functionality with its use. Grant added, “Our engineers clip the devices to their belts meaning they are completely hands free at work, none of their activities are affected.”


“I recently attended an event and presented the Guardian24 System. Following my speech, I was contacted by a large company who was wanting details on Guardian24’s lone worker solutions. In my opinion Guardian24 is an excellent service that all companies with lone workers should implement.”

Grant Bell , Compliance Manager at Jet Aire Services
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