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PenumbraPenumbra use Guardian24 to Protect their Lone Working Support Staff

Penumbra is an innovative leading Scottish voluntary organisation in the field of mental health and provides an extensive range of person-centred services for adults and young people throughout Scotland. Penumbra promotes an inclusive, recovery-focused approach in supporting people with mental health issues, enabling them to discover and move forward in living their desired lifestyle. Penumbra has around 350 staff and just over 300 are registered as Lone Workers.

The Challenge

Penumbra recognised that their model of service provision was rapidly changing; support staff were increasingly lone working, supporting people in their own homes and communities. Their internal risk assessment processes also identified other potential risks such as the area where visits take place. It was decided a formal system was required to manage the risks identified and ensure the safety of their lone working staff.

In response, Penumbra jointly piloted a lone working system with their provider of “out of hour’s pager service”. Although having a formal lone working system was new to Penumbra staff and the service provider, the pilot was very successful and was rolled out throughout the organisation. However, over time, the technology became outdated and a new, improved solution was required.

The Solution

Penumbra turned to Guardian24 as a leading provider of phone-based lone worker protection. Penumbra’s lone workers now use their mobile phones to access both timer based services and a panic alarm provided by Guardian24. Any over-run activities or emergencies are handled by highly trained Controllers at Guardian24’s fully accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

The Benefits

Penumbra takes the safety of their staff extremely seriously which is evident by the length of time they have had a lone working system in place. Guardian24 offer a very professional and reliable monitoring service for their lone workers throughout the wide geographical areas they work in, and this combined with their own internal risk assessment process means Penumbra can fulfil their duty of care to their staff, and lone workers themselves feel more secure while carrying out their support work.

Penumbra also takes non-usage very seriously and continually monitors usage levels. Managers have access to Guardian24’s comprehensive and very user friendly online portal so that on-going monitoring of usage is undertaken. The lone working industry introduced legislation and guidance such as the British Standards BS 8484:2016 and by using Guardian24, Penumbra are sure that they are adhering to standards.


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