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Purchase Guardian24 products via Procurement for Housing’s new Lone Worker Protection FrameworkPfh

Following a rigorous OJEU tender process, Guardian24 has been awarded as a nominated supplier onto Procurement for Housing’s Lone Worker Protection Framework Agreement.

Designed to help reduce members’ costs and streamline the procurement process, PfH has created a new all-encompassing framework that aims to safeguard lone workers with a range of support services and technology solutions.

Uniquely, the framework allows direct award/call-off in addition to side by side device and app comparison via mini competition. Both methods enable access to market-leading service levels from the awarded suppliers, in addition to a range of training and consultancy services. This ensures an end to end solution encompassing support for organisations at multiple levels, and enabling them to demonstrate due diligence under the Health and Safety at work Act.

For more details on the full range of services available via the framework, visit the PfH website or contact us on 0207 118 8247, or email sales@guardian24.co.uk.

We’ll be happy to arrange a no obligation demonstration of our product range, as the only approved supplier that’s certified to BS 8484:2016 standards, or provide your organisation with a free trial.