The new Nokia 3310, a quick journey back in time…

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27 February 2017
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27 February 2017, Comments 0

This weekend the Nokia 3310 was resurrected at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This legendary phone once used to be the most iconic handset in the market and sold over 126 million units worldwide. With a fresh new look, 2 mega pixel camera, slightly larger colour screen and a funky version of the beloved game SNAKE, the new Nokia 3310 offers a digital makeover for its nostalgic users.

The relaunched 3310 doesn’t have any features like the smartphones we are used to today. However, it does boast a battery life that lasts for over a month on standby, something that smartphones struggle to overcome today especially with the most recent cases of exploding batteries in some smartphones. They also claim that the phone is reasonably durable, something which reminds us of the original 3310, which was “practically indestructible”.

For an estimated RRP of £40 it’s an absolute bargain, especially for a handset that was initially launched over 17 years ago. Some may say, why spend money for a phone that doesn’t do half what smartphones could do today?  Well here’s some key uses for the Nokia 3310:

  • Cost effective: Organisations could use this as a cheap and cost effective solution for its employees who require a work phone. Especially useful for communication between colleagues in the event of long hours spent on site or away from the office
  • Personal protection: By combining a cheap mobile phone with long battery life & strong durability features, organisations could efficiently provide a lone worker safety protection service to their employees who work long periods alone. Employees could log in/out of daily tasks, leave details of their location and expected duration. They could even use the speed dial functionality to raise an SOS alarm, in the event of an emergency.
  • Durability: if it’s as durable as the original 3310, then it could be ideal for workers in the construction industry who doesn’t want to use their expensive smartphones on site and risk damaging it.
  • Backup: this could be the ideal phone to have if you go for camping, hiking or even a festival, giving you the confidence that this reliable phone can be used for simple communications like texts and calls, thanks to its exceptional battery life.

The result is a mobile phone that excites a global Nokia user fan base and a commercially viable solution for organisations to help meet their Duty of care needs to their employees.

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