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Guardian24’s round-the-clock lone worker monitoring service is fully compatible with all mobile phones and operating systems.

Guardian24 via a standard mobile phone is a simple service that operates using speed dial functions. The service will allow users to log in and out of daily tasks, leaving details of their location and the expected duration.


Richmond Housing Partnership

“We employ a number of lone workers from Caretakers to Housing and ASB Officers. We needed a system that allows a quick and easy way of identifying alarms and locations and ensures they’re acted on quickly. Guardian24 provided the most ideal software and service for this. In my opinion, the most impressive part of Guardian24 is their continued support and guidance, ensuring we’re utilising the software and service correctly and effectively.”

Myles Kaplan, Head of Estate Services, Richmond Housing Partnership

3310 Mobile Phone IllustrationHow it Works

Users can log ‘activities’ – a check-in, check-out service which automatically raises an alarm if an activity overruns. If the user does not verify their safety, a nominated respondent or our ARC will be notified informing them of the overrun activity. At this stage an agreed protocol will be followed to ascertain the safety of the lone worker.

Should the user feel that their safety has been compromised, they can press a designated SOS speed dial key to immediately summon emergency assistance.

The service will record live audio and immediately notify nominated respondents or Guardian24’s dedicated ARC. Here, Controllers will assess the seriousness of the threat and summon the correct level of response necessary. The user’s personal details, activity details and live audio are all available to the Controller. This information is invaluable if emergency services need to be notified.

Guardian24 via standard mobile phone works with any mobile or landline with Caller ID enabled. For smartphones, we have a separate application.


Using the Guardian24 service through a standard mobile phone provides employers with a robust, cost-effective and easy to use personal safety service for their employees without the cost of purchasing additional devices.

  • Cost effective lone worker monitoring

  • No capital outlay

  • Easy to set up – Get started today

  • Simple to use

  • 24 hour managed protection

  • Helps safeguard against incidents / accidents

  • Helps fulfil ‘Duty of Care’

  • Workforce management

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