Lone Worker Resolutions For 2020

Shortly after Christmas, we’ll be entering the New Year. Have you got your resolutions ready?

Traditionally, New Years’ resolutions are personal goals. This year, why not set out some resolutions on personal safety and how you can keep yourself safe as a lone worker. Take a look at our 5 lone worker safety resolutions below:

  1. Refresh your knowledge on your company’s lone worker policy: This policy will outline all the potential risks you may face as a lone worker in this job role. Re-read the policy so you are ready for any potential hazards you may face.
  2. Report health and safety issues and tell your manager if you feel unsafe undertaking a task by yourself: By reporting any health and safety issues, you help to keep the lone worker policy up-to-date. It’ll also make employers aware of potential risks they may not have considered. Therefore, prompting them to put in place additional safety measures. If you feel unsafe completing a particular job alone, then let a manager know. Not all work should be completed by yourself.
  3. Tell people where you are going before commencing work: In case an accident does happen, it is always a good idea to let others know where you will be working. This will ensure that help can reach you quickly, without the delay of trying to find out your position.
  4. Brush up on the emergency procedures set out by your company: Lone working means you will not have the immediate support of colleagues around you if an accident does occur. It is therefore important to memorise the emergency procedures, so you know how to raise an alarm if you become unstuck.
  5. Take your personal safety device with you: If your employer provides you with a personal safety alarm, make sure you carry this with you. Having one of our alarms ensures that you get help at a push of a button. Press the SOS button and you will be connected to one of our specially trained Controllers. The Controller will receive your information on the profile assigned to your device, as well as your current GPS location. They will use this information to contact your escalation details and get you the assistance you need quickly.

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