Guardian24's History and Vision

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The Leading Lone Worker Solution for the UK and Ireland

Our senior management team has over 60 years combined experience working in the lone worker protection industry. Drawing from this specialist expertise, Guardian24 has invested in cutting-edge technology to develop our own personal safety devices, mobile apps, systems and processes.

In 2000, Guardian24 developed the first lone worker support solution available in the UK, which has evolved to become the industry flagship and best-in-breed service that others seek to emulate. Our sole focus is lone worker safety and will remain so in the future, to ensure we maintain our leading position in the marketplace.

Our vision is to be a company that all stakeholders deem highly successful; we achieve and exceed our objectives through our professionalism, pride, integrity, excellence and motivation. To us, success means that our customers will always be delighted with our technology, the value we offer and the level of service we provide. We will always strive to be a team that everyone else admires, where people enjoy working and are passionate about putting you, the customer, first in everything we do.

Unique, Flexible and Scalable

Guardian24 is unique in that it is the only fully ‘device agnostic’ lone worker support service on the market.  We do not believe in one size fits all, for that reason we offer you a solution that is both flexible and scalable, allowing you to mix and match a variety of communication devices.  This has proven to be very successful for our customers because it offers choice when it comes to controlling the risks your staff may face.

In delivering our service, we have partnered with other market leaders to offer clients a range of procurement options and added value solutions. Examples of our strategic partners include: Everything Everywhere and Procurement for Housing.

As one of the largest suppliers of lone worker solutions in the UK, Guardian24 operates in every vertical market. Our subscriber base now exceeds 40,000 users; within over 500 public and private sector organisations across the UK and Ireland. Among our customers are; Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Charities, NHS Trusts, and Transport Organisations, to name just a few.

The value we add to each of our clients is reflected in our contract renewal rate, which exceeds 94%. A survey conducted amongst our client base has shown that over 90% of our clients are not only happy with the service, but are also prepared to recommend us to other organisations.

Therefore, we believe we have the necessary experience, resources and service capabilities to not only satisfy your requirements now, but to also ensure that your staff benefit from the technology in the long term.


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