BS 8484:2016

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NSI GoldGuardian24 awarded NSI Gold including BS 8484:2016

Guardian24 have been awarded the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Guarding Gold Scheme. This certifies that we have met the requirements of BS 8484:2016 and BS 5979 (Category II), which together form the recognised British Standard for Lone Worker Security.

We’ve also achieved BS 7858:2012 which is the British Security Screening standard for staff.  All Guardian24 employees are security screened and cleared against this exacting standard.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our operational processes and product development roadmap continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. We will continue to use our quality approach to release innovative products which provide reliable Lone Working solutions, to BS 8484:2016 standard.

Our dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre is certified to BS 5979 (category II) standard to ensure the highest possible level of service to our 40,000+ customers.

For a full list of Guardian24’s accreditations, click here.

What is BS 8484?

A note on British Standards relating to lone worker systems.

BS 8484 is the British Standard for the provision of lone worker device services, introduced in September 2009. The standard defines both lone worker devices and Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) compliance as well as covering aspects  such as sound financial grounding, secure data protection, quality training and full audit capability from  the supplier of a lone worker solution. BS 5979 is the British Standard specifically relating to the  standard of ARCs.

In January 2010, ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers for England & Wales) published its updated Security Systems Policy to Police forces specifying when and how the Police will respond to a lone worker alarm. It calls for lone worker devices to be audited against BS 8484 and  for the ARC to conform to Category II of BS 5979. It is impossible to guarantee a Police response to a  lone worker system which does not conform to both British standards.

As Guardian24 is certified to the British Standards we have the ability to request a priority “Level 1” response from the local Police force, for an emergency alarm anywhere in the UK. This system provides a far quicker response to the lone worker requiring assistance than dialling 999. We are also able to use direct dial numbers for Irish constabularies, in order to provide a local emergency response for alarms raised in the Republic of Ireland.

To view a statement from the National Police Chiefs Council on priority Police responses, click here.