Guardian24 Selected as Finalists for Tomorrow’s Health and Safety Awards, 2016

Guardian24’s MicroGuard device has been selected as a finalist in Tomorrow’s Health and Safety Awards, 2016. The awards are designed to recognise key players in the battle against work-related injuries and illness. They reward the dedication of the industry’s finest. Having recently scooped first place at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards, widely recognised as the ‘Oscars’ of the security industry, Guardian24 now receive their second industry recognition in under three months.

Guardian24’s Microguard is an exclusive key fob-sized device which combines the latest GPS, GSM and GPRS technologies. The device provides lone workers with an easy means of calling for help at just the touch of a button.

Certified to the British Standard for Lone Worker Devices (BS 8484), the MicroGuard connects to Guardian24’s dedicated UK Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), also certified to BS 8484 and BS 5979 (Category II) standards.

Trained ARC Controllers determine the nature of the situation via two-way audio and summon the appropriate response. In addition to the SOS button, the MicroGuard also features a fall alarm which automatically raises an alert, should the user slip, trip or fall.

Despite the MicroGuard’s small size, the device boasts a battery life of 200 hours in standby.

It’s over to you to help Guardian24’s MicroGuard walk away with first prize in Tomorrow’s Health and Safety Awards. Voting is open now and will remain open until 18th March 2016. Simply CLICK HERE to cast your vote.

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