How to Encourage Staff to Report Workplace Safety Problems

Employees are the core driving force of any organisation. Without them, the day to day running of any business simply wouldn’t be possible.  Being an organisation’s biggest asset, it is crucial that staff safety is a priority no matter what work they are carrying out.

Within recent years, workplace health and safety incidents have risen significantly. With figures on the rise, fines and court cases are correlatively increasing and more and more firms are being held responsible for the wellbeing of their staff.

The Health and Safety Executive reports that 30% of all non-fatal injuries are caused by slips, trips and falls. Other causes of injury include working at height, working with machinery and heavy lifting. Most accidents are easily avoidable and happen due to unconsidered safety procedures.

As well as reporting workplace incidents after they have occurred, it is just as important to report problems and potential hazards prior to them becoming a bigger issue. This can be as simple as an employee reporting to a senior member of staff if there is broken machinery, trailing wires or uneven flooring at the workplace. Employees should immediately report what they find so it can be addressed before it creates further problems.

According to figures published by the Accident Advice Helpline, a quarter of British workers have had an accident at work. Yet one in six wouldn’t bother reporting a potential hazard if they saw one. Their study consisted of 3,000 employees who were asked about reporting health and safety issues at work.

Below is a breakdown of the key reasons given for employees not reporting workplace issues.

These include:

  • 29% of employees said they didn’t have the time to report a problem
  • 24% felt that the hazard didn’t affect them or their roles
  • 23% of employees said it wasn’t their responsibility
  • 23% of employees didn’t know how or who to report the hazard to
  • 2% of employees were worried about getting into trouble
  • 5% of employees claimed that they were told not to report an issue

Ways to encourage employees to report issues:

  • Create a positive safety culture: Encourage staff to understand their own safety and of those working around them. A safe and happy workplace environment can also boost morale within a workforce and in fact better general performance.
  • Implement a clear reporting system: One of the reasons found for under reported workplace issues came down to employees not knowing the procedure. Ensure your organisation implement a clear and structured way to report an incident or workplace hazard. You could even consider setting up an online, anonymous reporting system for those who may not want to be identified.
  • Train employees: Providing staff with regular training is one of the key contributors to a safe working environment. If staff are aware of the risks associated with their job roles and are able to deal with them correctly, the chances of an accident occurring will lessen.

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