Deciding on a Lone Worker Solution?

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Guardian24 provide help and guidance from the early stages of identifying risks and engaging lone workers to the later stages of managing, monitoring and maintaining a successful lone worker strategy.

We have a range of lone workers within our organisation who face different risks. We have identified those lone working risks but what should we do now?

When deciding on an appropriate lone worker solution for your organisation, below are a few questions that you should be able to answer yes to.

  • Will I know where to start looking for an employee should they not return to base on time?
  • If they decide to change their plans during the day will I be aware of this?
  • Do we have a clear procedure to follow in case someone does not return at the expected time?
  • Do we have a system for employees to raise the alarm covertly in case of emergency while working alone?
  • Am I confident that an appropriate person will pick up the phone if an employee calls the office in an emergency?
  • When employees are lone working out of office hours, do we have a system to monitor their safety?

By implementing Guardian24 you can safely answer yes to all of the above.

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