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Lone Worker Monitoring Systems

Guardian24's Lone Worker Monitoring PortalManage & Report in Real Time

Guardian24’s Customer Service Centre online portal empowers our clients by providing them direct access to various features of the service via a secure web-based interface, in real-time, 24 hours a day.

One of the most important elements when implementing a lone worker solution is the ability for management within your organisation to effectively review, monitor and maintain control of your lone worker safety strategy.

Guardian24’s bespoke monitoring tool gives independence and clear visibility to report on usage, add and delete users, change protocols, access maps and location information, retrieve incidents and manage your account, all presented in real time. Naturally, we’ll provide you with dedicated, on-going support throughout your contract but with our web-based Management Portal you will also have the freedom to manage your own lone worker procedures and protocols.

Features and Benefits Include

  • Personalisation Create and manage your lone worker’s profiles. Each individual profile can contain tailored information such as appearance – including a photo, allergies, medical conditions and what to do in an emergency. All information and contact details can be amended by the client to keep it as accurate as possible at all times.

  • Emergency Procedures The Customer Service Centre allows customers to define each user’s alarm escalation procedures – guidelines our Controllers will follow in an emergency. Alarm escalation procedures are designed by you, to work for you, and are all editable within the portal.

  • Pooling and Sharing Devices Our service even allows devices to be ‘pooled’ or shared between multiple users, thereby reducing your subscription costs. Having the flexibility to reallocate devices to staff in real-time can prove invaluable, particularly for organisations that employ shift workers.

  • Reporting, Tracking and Locating  Administrators can gain visual representations using satellite and street maps to track locations, dates and times of alarms. A ‘snail trail’ of user’s activities can also be seen. The unrivalled suite of reports can be exported by administrators on a regular basis for further analysis and to maintain a high adoption rate of usage across your organisation.

  • Real-Time Updates The portal can be accessed from any web-based tool, 24/7 and any updates will be made in real time. Any information input will be instantly updated to ensure accuracy in the event of an alarm.

  • Device Settings Some settings on our personal alarms and apps can be altered to suit the user’s activity. The frequency of GPS tracking intervals can be set to choose how often the user’s position is recorded and stored. The sensitivity of the ‘man down’ alarm can also be re-programmed depending on the type of activity being undertaken.

Did You Know?

Our free 30 day trial includes the full use of the Customer Service Centre portal. You’ll get full access for a whole month, giving you chance to discover and decide whether Guardian24 is the right fit. Get started today.


Women's Aid Charity in Northern Ireland

“The online access which monitors usage is very helpful to ensure our staff are complying with our Lone Worker Policy and Procedures. Using Guardian24 has also helped us provide evidence to funders that we as an organisation are using all mechanisms available to keep our workforce as safe as possible at all times.”

Gail McLaughlin, Floating Support and Community Resettlement Manager, Women's Aid
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