Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

Based on the statistics mentioned in the latest RIDDOR report, we’ve created an infographic to highlight the most common causes of workplace injuries.

The highest cause of injury is from employees slipping, tripping or falling over. Struck by an object and falling from height are two common accidents that resulted in injury to employees in 2016/17. Therefore, you should conduct risk assessments to help minimise the number accidents in the workplace.

When carrying out the risk assessment, it’s also important to cover all employee job roles. This includes employees who work alone within your organisation. Lone working employees are more vulnerable to accidents at work. This is mostly due to the fact there is no immediate help on hand.

Workplace injury infographic

Falls From Height

Take falls from a height as an example. As one of the top causes of workplace non-fatalities and the third cause of workplace fatalities, to a lone working employee, falling from a height or even slips and trips could be fatal, if immediate medical assistance is not provided.

Employers should ensure that adequate support is provided to employees working alone. Utilising personal safety devices, such as the MicroGuard, will allow lone workers to raise the alarm in the event of an emergency. The device is also capable of activating automatically if the user suffers a slip or trip and fall unconscious. This is thanks to the built-in ‘Fall Down’ feature which can detect impact and non-movement.  All alarms raised via the MicroGuard are connected directly to a 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Here, specially trained Controllers will assess the situation and escalate it to the emergency services, if need be.

Staff should also be provided with adequate training based around their job roles. This would help create awareness on the biggest dangers and the consequences of not following their training to carry out their duties. Lone workers would also benefit from effective training. It will allow them to understand the risks they could face when working alone and what to do in the event of an emergency.

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