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18 April 2018
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The Cost of Workplace Injuries

18 April 2018, Comments 0

Organisations have a legal duty of care requirement to ensure that their work environment is safe for all their employees. Serious injuries suffered by […]

12 April 2018
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The Dangers of Working With Animals in the Agriculture Sector

12 April 2018, Comments 0

Working with an animal is not an unusual job requirement for most farmers within the Agriculture or farming sector. Health and safety should be […]

6 April 2018
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Worker Safety on World Health Day

6 April 2018, Comments 0

Tomorrow marks a highly significant day, not only in the UK but across the globe. World Health Day 2018 falling on the 7th April […]

23 March 2018
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What Penalties Can an Organisation Face for Injuries to Workers?

23 March 2018, Comments 0

Health and Safety has been an increasingly hot topic in recent years, especially amongst the workplace.  As an employer you have a legal obligation […]

15 March 2018
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What to Consider when Choosing a Lone Worker Solution

15 March 2018, Comments 0

Being a lone worker doesn’t mean you are more likely to encounter an emergency within your working environment. It simply means that if you […]

8 March 2018
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Personal Safety when Conducting Housing Visits

8 March 2018, Comments 0

Alongside the hundreds of fixed site jobs that the UK’s employment has to offer, there are a number of occupations that involve knocking on […]

2 March 2018
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Top 10 Safety Tips for Working in Remote Areas

2 March 2018, Comments 0

Imagine yourself or a fellow member of staff in this situation, you’re a lone working surveyor on a remote building site. You trip over […]

22 February 2018
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A steep rise in Violence towards Teaching Staff

22 February 2018, Comments 0

  A worrying trend has recently emerged regarding the mistreatment of staff within the education sector, with more than half having suffered a violent […]

12 February 2018
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Workplace Ill Treatment Statistics From The Irish Workplace Behaviour Survey

12 February 2018, Comments 0

National University of Ireland Galway recently conducted a survey to find out the level of workplace ill treatment that was experienced, witnessed or perpetrated […]

5 February 2018
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A rise in Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

5 February 2018, Comments 0

  According to (Citizens Advice 2018) Sexual harassment is defined as “unwanted behavior of a sexual nature resulting in violating an individual’s dignity and […]