BSIA Issues New Guidance on Lone Worker Protection Devices

A new guide has been published by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) to help end users of lone worker devices or smart phone apps understand exactly when to summon help by using their device.

Published to coincide with National Personal Safety Day, the guide outlines a number of threat situations and recommends action to be taken.

Patrick Dealtry, chairman of the BSIA’s Lone Worker Section, commented, “Almost by definition, lone working can be both intimidating and at times dangerous. The protection of lone workers involves a two-fold approach. Not only to provide safeguards but also to offer reassurances to the individuals involved.”

“It’s important for end users to understand exactly what constitutes an emergency and how to use their devices. Lone worker devices should only be employed in certain situations. For example, when individuals face a direct threat of assault, or if they’ve suffered an accident. Using these devices to summon help in situations where there’s no direct threat can actually compromise the emergency response.”

Rachel Griffin, director of personal safety charity The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, explained. “Lone worker devices can play an important role in promoting and ensuring the personal safety of employees. But all too often we hear how lone workers are unsure of how to use their device. The new guide stresses the importance of such solutions. It provides simple instruction on how and when to use them.”

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