Drop in Workplace Deaths But More Work Needed Says British Safety Council

The Health and Safety Executive announced a significant drop in the number of people killed and seriously injured in the workplace.

The number of work place deaths has halved from nearly 300 fatalities in 1993/94 to 148 in 2012/13.

The British Safety Council has said that although this is good news more work is needed to achieve its vision that no one should be injured or killed at work.

Jonny Lancaster from G24 agrees, “This is great news and we need to keep up the good work. At Guardian24, we strive to advise employers across the UK on carrying out regular lone worker risk assessments. It is only in the constant review and improvement of our safety policies that we can achieve this goal of eradicating workplace injury and death. We need to work together and work smart.”

Alex Botha, British Safety Council chief executive said, “While the number of people killed and seriously injured in Britain’s workplaces continues to fall year-on-year we echo the comments of HSE’s chair, Judith Hackitt. Many of these deaths and serious injuries could have been prevented by simple safety measures.”

“Workplace injury and work-related ill-health have a damaging impact on individuals, business, government and wider society. By working together we can prevent unnecessary harm to thousands of people. We can also help cut the cost to society – an estimated £13.8 billion a year.”

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