What’s the Best Lone Worker Solution for You?

“What’s the better lone worker solution – a smartphone application or a lone worker device?”

5 points to consider when choosing a lone worker solution

It’s a question that we are often asked.

There is no clear-cut line as to which solution is better; the choice comes down to varying factors including their environment, type of work their doing and the risks they face. Some lone workers may be more suited to having a smartphone application if they have a company phone. Other workers may find that they need a robust device for their type of work.

Listed are 5 points to consider when choosing a lone working solution for your employees:

If your employees are public facingworking remotely or in hazardous conditions, then they may need a device that is discreetrobust and can be used in areas with varying mobile signal strength.

Why not consider Guardian24’s Microguard lone working device?

Key Features Include:

  • GPS
  • Discreet vibration
  • Two-way audio
  • Optional fall down alarm

Or, are your employees working in an officebased in one location or working in an area with a good mobile signal?

Then Guardian24’s smartphone application may be the best solution for your employees.

Key Features Include:

  • Available on all major operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • Can be used on a company phone
  • Log activities
  • Can be paired with our Bluetooth Button accessory for discreet activation

If you like the sound of either of these lone worker solutions, but you’re still not sure which one would be best suited for your employees, then why not book a Demo?

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