Benefits of Carrying a Discreet Alarm While Working Alone

Many factors affect the safety of a Lone Worker on a day to day. Slips, trips or falls are among the highest in non-fatal injuries while working alone. Verbal and physical abuse or other types of violent crimes are also faced by those without immediate backup.

In such situations, it’s important to stay calm. To use appropriate measures to ensure you don’t aggravate the aggressor. Calling for help on your phone would likely escalate any conflict. Therefore, devices such as Guardian24’s Bluetooth Button accessory are ideal. It’s easy to raise the alarm silently with a discreet press of the button. It can be worn in a number of different ways such as a watch, belt clip and pendant. This helps the user to raise an alarm without causing any suspicion and remain calm knowing that they have back up support.

How it Works

When an alarm is raised using our devices (this inclusdes MicroGuard, Smartphone App, or a standard mobile phone), our fully trained Controllers in the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will listen into the conversation. They’ll remain silent if they believe their intervention could cause more harm.

therefore, it would be hard for anyone to ascertain who is in need of help. Vital information such as their name, where they are, any medical conditions, etc.

Thankfully, due to pre-set information linked to every device, Controllers know who is calling for help. Thanks to GPS positioning, they’ll know where they are too. This is vital for Controllers to provide a faster response in the event of an emergency or accident. Customers can also set up bespoke escalation procedures or duress phrases like “check the purple folder” which directly means that they need emergency support. Thanks to this pre-set escalation information, our Controllers would know to contact the emergency services when they hear that word or phrase thus providing discrete assistance without putting the user in any further harm.

Disengaging or removing yourself from a hostile situation should always be the number one priority. However having an option of raising an alarm discreetly would provide assurance and peace of mind to all lone workers if they ever face such a situation.

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