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When You Raise an Alarm, Where Does it Go?

Guardian24 Controllers at the ARCGuardian24’s Alarm Receiving Centre is operated 24 hours a day, ensuring your lone working employees are protected round-the-clock

Our service features a 24/7 purpose-built Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), accredited to BS 8484:2016, BS 5979 (Category II) and Secured by Design. It’s staffed by a team of highly-experienced, fully-trained professional Controllers.

Our staff are carefully selected and trained to deal with a wide range of stressful or violent situations involving people (not intruder alarms, vehicle tracking or CCTV). They use all the tools at their disposal to bring incidents to an effective conclusion quickly and safely.

We access the right emergency services (who can allocate their resources more efficiently because we provide them with the correct information), fast. We can even bypass the 999 system, providing a swifter resolution. Our Controllers will summon the correct response in any situation which includes following your bespoke escalation procedures as provided by you.

The Help You Need… Fast

When you become a customer of Guardian24, we’ll provide you with help, fast – no matter where you are. The technology within our personal alarms and apps instantly informs the ARC of your exact location, saving precious time. At Guardian24, it is critical that all emergencies are treated with a rapid response. All calls are assumed to be life threatening and dealt with accordingly, until the threat is proven neutralised.

Guardian24 are the UK and Ireland’s most trusted lone worker protection service. Therefore, we’ve secured direct links to the Police force and Garda control rooms via Unique Reference Numbers (URNs). This allows us to bypass the 999 system and generate a faster response to your emergency.

NSI Alarm Receiving Centre Gold

Fully Accredited to Industry Standards

Our ARC is fully certified to BS 8484:2016 standards. This includes the highest standard for Alarm Receiving Centres: BS 5979 (Category II) in lone worker monitoring services. In fact, our ARC was the first of such centres to receive the prestigious accreditation. It was also the first ARC to achieve the NPCC’s ‘Secured by Design’ accolade for dedicated lone worker response centres.

In all, our response service is one of the most compliant in the UK and service users can be confident that an appropriate and effective response will be raised should an incident occur.

Why Use a Fully-Monitored Lone Worker Service?

  • Police and Blue Light services recognise accredited ARCs and the response time is faster

  • This response provides reassurance to staff that they have a reliable and robust procedure in place, which increases the usage and confidence in Guardian24

  • ARCs give management peace-of-mind that an accredited body is available to act appropriately should an incident occur, and this also takes pressure off managers to respond to calls

  • The ARC works from live user information on Guardian24’s online portal

  • We fully manage every incident – whatever time of the day or night, again, taking pressure off managers to respond

  • Highly trained, professional controllers who have the experience and knowledge base to keep calm and act methodically in any emergency

Mindwise Charity Logo

“The immediacy of the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) service is a great benefit. The knowledge that if any of our services need assistance, the 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre will be on hand immediately sets Guardian24 apart.”

Eileen McGuigan, Corporate Services Manager, MindWise

Technical Information

  • Disaster recovery site close by, servers / databases can be duplicated in the event of failure; zero downtime

  • Fully manned work stations at all times

  • 4 hour UPS battery activation in event of a power cut

  • 80kVA auto-start diesel generator for any prolonged power outages

  • Electrical wiring duplicated and installed to the most stringent standards

  • 24/7 system monitoring via server software

  • Hourly end-to-end system checks by Guardian24 engineers

  • Avaya PBX telephone system

  • Dedicated digital ISDN handles all incoming alarms and outgoing calls to response services

  • Backed up by SIP Trunk