Advance has chosen Guardian24 to protect their Lone Workers

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23 February 2017
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23 February 2017, Comments 0

UK’s leading housing and support service organisation, Advance, has chosen Guardian24 to protect their Lone Workers. Their support goes out to people with learning disabilities or mental health issues. The staff and volunteers at Advance would visit people at home, work or within a community to provide support and assistance.

In a recent evidence review on violence against social care and support staff in the UK, 93% of respondents said that they had been verbally abused at some point during their employment. 71% had been threatened or intimidated and 56% had reported a physical assault.

They have around 350 members of staff performing outreach visits, which means it’s necessary for Advance to adopt a robust and reliable personal safety solution. This is also why they decided to go with Guardian24 and implemented a lone worker solution that uses the Standard mobile phone service and Smartphone application provided by Guardian24.

With a Standard mobile service users could log in and out of daily tasks. So when a employee or volunteer of Advance goes out to visit a site, they would log in the expected time they would be in a specific location. When the activity overruns, the Controllers at Guardian24’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) would call back to confirm if the user is ok.

While the Smartphone app from Guardian24 helps the employee or volunteer to use their current Smartphone to set up the Lone Worker app and with the added benefit of ARC Controllers locating the user’s exact location with GPS capabilities.

Marion Virgo, Health and Safety Consultant for Advance mentioned: “We’ve found the system is incredibly easy to use and is very beneficial in allowing staff to call in and set alarms in case there’s an emergency.”

Staff and volunteers at Advance, benefit from a high level of personal safety thanks to Guardian24’s Lone Worker protection being accredited to the latest BS 8484:2016 standards. The easy to use system also helps to increase their confidence when they are working alone, knowing that there’s always back up when they need it in an emergency.

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