Advance Choose Guardian24 to Protect Lone Workers

UK’s leading housing and support service organisation, Advance, has chosen Guardian24 to protect their Lone Workers. Their support goes out to people with learning disabilities or mental health issues. Staff and volunteers at Advance visit clients at home, work or within a community to provide support and assistance.

In a recent evidence review on violence against social care and support staff in the UK, 93% of respondents said that they had been verbally abused at some point during their employment. 71% had been threatened or intimidated and 56% had reported a physical assault.

They have around 350 members of staff performing outreach visits. Therefore, it’s necessary for Advance to adopt a robust and reliable personal safety solution. As a consequence, they chose Guardian24 to implement a lone worker solution. Advance have adopted both the Standard mobile phone service and smartphone application.

Standard Mobile and Smartphone Apps

With a Standard mobile service users could log in and out of daily tasks. When a employee or volunteer of Advance goes out to visit a site, they ‘check-in’ leaving details of time and place. If an activity overruns, Controllers at Guardian24’s Alarm Receiving Centre will call to confirm if the user is ok.

Marion Virgo, Health and Safety Consultant for Advance commented on the usability.

“We’ve found the system is incredibly easy to use and is very beneficial in allowing staff to call in and set alarms in case there’s an emergency.”

The easy to use system also helps to increase their confidence when they are working alone. Users know there’s always back up when they need it in an emergency.

To read more on Guardian24’s range of personal safety solutions, click here.

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