A Rise in Workplace Sexual Harassment

According to Citizens Advice 2018, sexual harassment is defined as “unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature resulting in violating an individual’s dignity and creating a hostile environment”. The subject has always been a difficult one to address. Those affected are prone to shying away from the crimes they have faced.

Within recent years there has been a steep increase of sexual harassment and violence within the workplace. The increase is from both colleagues and members of the public. The research showed that 52% of women surveyed had experienced a form of sexual harassment or abuse at work. Yet 80% of those had failed to report it to a senior member of staff.

Further figures issued by the Guardian revealed that levels of sexual harassment are highest within the hospitality sector. Perhaps this is due to public exposure, especially with people under the influence of alcohol.

Research gathered from those working in the hospitality industry found that 89% had experienced one or more incidents of sexual harassment in their working life. The experience made them feel unsafe and less confident at work. Some even wanted to quit their job as a result.

Stand up and say #itsnotok

Today marks the first day of Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness week. Its aim is raising awareness of all forms of sexual crimes. The #itsnotok campaign will create a highly published virtual conversation on social media in order to give those affected a voice.

As Yehudis Goldsobel, event Organiser states, “We want to put this sensitive topic at the forefront of the national conversation. Victims are not alone and action is being taken. Perpetrators will face prosecution for their actions”.

Implementing a secure lone worker protection system

Testimony from workers has gone to show that sexual harassment is happening in plain sight. There are accusations of employers failing to protect staff from abuse. That’s why, safeguarding your staff from all possible dangers is crucial as your organisation is responsible for their welfare.

Guardian24’s lone worker protection service offers solutions to meet the needs of staff across a wide range of industry sectors. Guardian24’s personal safety service operates on a 24 hour basis and the key-fob-sized alarms such as the MicroGuard are designed to be carried by the individual at all times. Calling for help via the device is discreet. Many prosecutions have come about because of audio playback from incident audio recordings.

People who face domestic violence issues  use our devices because we can summon help, fast. Due to our BS 8484:2016 accreditation, we have direct links to the Police. This means we can bypass the 999 system, getting help to you sooner. With just a press of a button, an alarm will be activated and sent directly to Guardian24’s 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre. Here, Controllers will be able to listen in and if needed, send help to the user’s exact location.

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