4 benefits of wearable technology

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27 January 2017
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27 January 2017, Comments 0

The internet has accelerated the advancements in wearable technology in the last few years and nowadays we see them everywhere in the form of smartwatches, jewellery, glasses and in most recent cases virtual reality (VR) headsets. In a nutshell, wearable technology is any electronic device that can be worn and connected to the internet or your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity.

Forecasts by Statista suggests that the global market value for wearable technology will cross £4 billion by 2018. Major companies like Apple, Samsung and Google all have their own versions of wearable technology readily available, along with a lot of investment & research into a wide range of wearable products.

There are many advantages of using wearable technology on a day to day basis and we highlight some of the key ones below:

  1. Convenience: Calls, emails, texts and pretty much any other alerts can now be dealt with the use of a wearable technology, without even getting your smartphone out of your pocket.


  1. Fitness tracking: Brands like Fitbit and Garmin have integrated fitness trackers that monitors an individual’s each step, heart rate, temperature etc, and compiles multiple data to provide custom fitness solutions.


  1. Internet of Things (IOT): TV, radio, speakers, lights and even heating in a home can now be controlled with the help of wearable technology which connects all these devices together through the internet.


  1. Health and safety: Wearable technology can now be used to raise an SOS alarm quickly and discreetly. Products like the Bluetooth button are capable of raising an alarm with a simple press of a button in the event of an accident or injury. Ideal for people that work on their own for long periods.


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