Personal Alarm Responder Training

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Responder Course: 3 Hours

The aim of the course is to offer in house Responders relevant information and learning to manage their responsibilities when supporting Lone workers. The course is designed to equip Responders with key decision making skills whilst understanding their boundaries and remaining safe themselves, whilst managing an incident or missing employee scenario. The course offers enhanced steps to those learned during G24 Manager training or can be used as a standalone course for Responders who are not the Lone Workers Managers.

Content Breakdown

Recognise how legislation relates to the Responder role within your business:

  • Crime Statistics against Lone Workers
  • H&S at Work Act – Additional details relevant to Responders
  • Your organisation’s Lone Worker Policy – Your Responsibilities

Prepare to support your Lone Workers when an incident occurs:

  • Mary exercise 2- Identify good practice for Lone Workers
  • Review common errors when using devices
  • Logging Lone-working activities using the 5 P’s
  • Define the quality of information provided for activities
  • Responsibility to respond to incidents
  • Staying dedicated in the event of an incident

Describe the process when your Lone Workers feel threatened or unsafe:

  • Group Responder Exercise 1: Decision making steps taken to establish the safety of missing employee Mary
  • Exercise: Review of an Emergency alarm: What would you do?
  • Key Learning: Best practice practical steps to take when an employee is missing
  • Incident Reporting
  • Group Responder Exercise 2: Can you find Mary safely?

Learn how to use the G24 web portal to respond effectively to incidents:

  • Learn key areas of the G24 web portal to help manage incidents
  • Understand the information available in the web portal guide

Complete an action plan to implement the skill learned:

  • Review Learning
  • Application of learning using an Action plan

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