Benefits of Personal Alarm Training

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Investment in Guardian24 Training will ensure you achieve:


The training that Notting Hill Housing have received from Guardian24 has improved device usage and it has also helped to cement our lone working policy. Lone workers who haven’t had this training before tend to only know the basics without understanding all of the features and benefits of the system. End users leave the training with a full understanding which ensures they are confident to use the service.

Kayte Alston, Health and Safety Advisor, Notting Hill Housing


Training Increases Lone Worker Solution Activity

Our research clearly shows the benefits in fully training all lone workers within an organisation. Even a modest investment in training can greatly enhance the benefits that a lone worker solution can deliver. Training is proven to increase lone worker usability and therefore staff confidence, duty of care and the efficiency of the lone worker protection system across the organisation.

Using a lone worker technology solution is a very easy and efficient way to enhance personal safety whilst working alone but when faced with using a new technology some end users are daunted by the task. Some step by step training, guidance and reassurance is all that is needed to increase usability of your lone worker protection solution across your organisation.

Whatever training course you choose we will work with your team to provide the most appropriate training methods to suit the needs of your organisation. We recommend regular refresher training on the Guardian24 service to ensure that new staff members are informed of internal protocols and procedures and that existing users have their skills refreshed and upgraded.

A lone worker solution is only truly effective when all staff are happy and confident to use it every day.

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